Monitor, Track & Guards

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We provide guard, alarm monitoring services in SE Queensland, and coming soon ASSET & VIDEO tracking services.

Service Level Agreements

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We offer a range of service plans including a perpetual warranty with any monitored alarm systems.

Alarm Rentals

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We offer fully serviced rental systems with monitoring plans. For info on Rental systems "click the icon"

Service Level Agreements

At ADC Alarms we have 3 types of servicing;

LEVEL 1: Where customers are on no fixed service level agreement.

LEVEL 2: Customers have a formalised customised arrangenment with us.

LEVEL 3: Special conditions to suit customer needs such as Medical diallers as well as static and mobile guards services.

All servicing fees are due on reciept with on the day of the service and is considered to be independant of monitoring fees and payable by credit card or cash. Only customers who have more than one monitored alarm system can have their service fees included with their monitoring account. Non account customers will be issued an invoice at the completion of all works payable on the day. Casual guard services are invoiced that day and payable within one week unless prior arrangements have been made.

Perpetual Warranty

Customer that enter into a Perpetual Servicing agreement get "Peace of Mind" knowing they do not pay any additional charges for preventative maintenance servicing or breakdown servicing including parts and labour (see exclusions below for more detail). E.g If any equipment fails within the term of the contractual agreement, the cost of the service call and equipment will be replaced free of charge. “conditions apply”.


BATTERIES: All batteries are excluded from any agreements.

PORTABLE DEVICES: Key fobs/remotes etc are excluded.

ACT of GOD: Severe natural events, willful, physical damage and tampering is excluded.


This is the basic level of servicing where all additions, moves and changes including breakdown serviceing are on an as needed basis by the customer. There is no special response times, discounts, pricing or allowances. The service rates for this level are the highest compared to higher levels of servicing. All work payable at the completion of any works.

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This is the most popular level amonst our customers as it is totally customisable at 12 and 36 month terms. Plans can be customised to include free service visits (how many is up to you), any service visits above the pre arranged limit are heavily discounted including parts etc. Response times are also customisable from one hour response by phone and four hours on-site and for non ugent problems by close of business by the following business day. Payable in advance per 12 month term, discounts apply if 36 months is paid in full on renewal or new contract.


Similar to LEVEL TWO but is geared around special needs such as medical (aged care) or guard services where customers need a human presence or for special functions.


We pride ourselves in providing flexible servicing scheduling were there is a WIN - WIN situation thus providing you with a plan that suits our customers needs and at the same time providing a service that we can maintain. Whatever the customer wants or needs are we will try our best to comply.

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We provide 24/7 monitoring of all our security systems sold, our monitoring equipment is state of the art utilising the latest software. We also monitor GPRS (3G) reporting devices, our devices have twin SIM cards readers and include SIM cards from Telstra and Optus in the one device.

What do I get for my money by choosing to be monitored by ADC?

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Basic package

As a base we provide 24/7 monitoring by trained and licensed operators. Notification by your prefered method of any alarms/activations etc (subject to acceptable use terms).

Dependant on what options you sign up for we can dispatch a security officer at the clients discretion to attend any genuine alarm activations (subject to charges).

Optional services

  • Remote Arming and Disarming
  • Emailed reports
  • Download Service
  • Guard patrols
  • Site Surveys
  • Workshop facilities
  • Customisation


"We have been monitored by ADC Alarms since 1998 and have been totally happy with the service provided by them."

Greg - Director


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