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.... the CROW RUNNER and ELITE series of security systems.

We are excited to introduce the Crow range of security products, these products are cutting edge with a multidude of features and functions to enable us to taylor installations to your needs. It does not matter if you live in the city and only have access to the NBN we can customise a communications path to suit your situation.


Communications Paths

Although we prefer to use old fashioned tried and tested methods such as smoke signals or carrier pigeons we have to keep up with technology to ensure our systems are as bullet proof as possible. And to maintain a reliable constant 24/7 monitoring of your alarm system, however, all communications that comes to us is via other service providers and our service to you is only as good as the connections between your premises and ours.

The crow range of systems cater for various communication paths back to our monitoring centre, as new paths are invented we update our server to suit. The commnications paths we can implement at the moment are;

  • Standard POTS or PSTN line - copper telephone lines.
  • 3G/4G mobile networks.
  • IP or Internet Protocol utilizing you broadband service.

Over view of Crow security system Features (system dependant)

  • Every device including remotes is configurable.
  • Can communicate via Internet, Telephone line and 3G/4G mobile networks.
  • Multiple Areas or partitions and upto 64 security devices.
  • User programming of access control by customer over local LAN.
  • Built-in Acces Control with 2000 users and up to 31 doors (additional equipment required).
  • Home automation capability and internet integrity monitoring.
  • Android & IOS Apps available from app stores.
  • Radio devices utilizes 915Mhz for better object penitration.
  • Multiple Time zones for auto arm/disarm as well as access control.

Security Promotion

The sale price for this offer is for either a DSC, CROW Wireless or NESS hardwired security alarm system at no additional charge irrespective of the brand or model selected, the only difference is the selected communications path e.e Landline, 3G/4G mobile or IP (internet) and may vary the final amount of your investment.

The systems can be purchased in kit form and installed by yourself if your premises is outside our install range, especially handy for our country customers. However the kit price does include FREE installation to customers in the Brisbane region (north to North Lake, south to Ormeau, East to Cleveland (islands not included) and west to Ipswich. All other areas will incurr additional cost such as travel, overnight accomodation, ferry fees etc.

System Includes

  • Your choice of DSC or Crow Wireless or Ness Hard wire Alarm Panel (see above).
  • Power supply with Backup Battery
  • 2 x Remote key fobs
  • 3 x PIR pet immune Detectors
  • 1 x Door Contact Reed
  • 1 x External Wireless Siren/Strobe
  • 1 x Wireless Smoke Detector
  • Extended 12 Months Warranty for a total of 24 Months
  • Free Consumer Link (Self) monitoring for the term of the agreement.

Please note that the accessories offered may vary dependant on Brand and type of system selected

The models on offer are DSC Impassa or Alexor, Crow Runner 16 or Ness Navigator Lux


POE IP Camera Promotion

The sale price for this offer is for our latest 4 or 8 Chanel ADC VIP 1080P digital NVR recorder and camera system (minimum of 2 Cameras) that's right 4 or 8 Channel NVR at no additional charge plus any additional cameras that may vary the final amount of your investment.

The systems are designed and setup as DIY (installation and Online setup costs not included) they come complete with cables ready for you to install and add a standard LCD screen with VGA or HDMI inputs. If you require installation and you are in the Brisbane metro area we can visit your home or office and provide you with a quote ($66.00 fee which is deducted if you decide to have us do your installation). The cameras can be viewed online however you will need to set up port forwarding in your internet router, we can provide this service (fees apply).

Please Note: We only provide a 4 channel NVR with systems with 4 or less cameras.

System Includes

  • 1 x ADC VIP 4 or 8 Channel digital NVR
  • 1 x 48Volt POE Power supply
  • 1 x Remote control
  • 1 x USB mouse
  • 2 to 8 Digital IP 1080p (2Mp) internal/external POE metal bodied cameras
  • 20 metre Cable Kits to suit number of cameras
  • 1 x product leaflet
  • Extended 12 Months Warranty for a total of 24 Months
  • Free Android or IOS app from app stores.

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Any offer on this page is subject to persons accepting the agreement set out in the sales application forms at the time of a pre-arranged appointment for the purchase of our goods and services. The agreement does not include Installation or monitoring fees for the term of the contract set out in the Sales application form. The equipment will be delivered/installed when final approval is granted and clear funds made available to ADC Trust by the finance brokers.

The amount payable does not include any fees or charges that may be incurred from other service provider e.g Fixed Line carriers, Internet service provides etc. Additional fees may apply for other services provided by ADC Trust e.g back to Base monitoring etc not included in the sales application documentation.

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